Dear supporter of the Danish Roadbook
We have now examined and processed all available data.

All measurements have been corrected for the new calibration and have been carefully checked by several independent reviews.

ACM information became public on December 14, so we have been very busy making all the elements of our service.

We are ready with complete roadbook from Buis les Baronnies to the last meter.

Routes drawn on map as well as ready on GoogleMaps and GPS. (Covers from the start in Monaco)

Even though we have not been to the locations, we believe that we have a good basis for success in RMCH 2021.

We note that ACM love creating uncertainty. They tease us by not specify the precise location of launch of a single regularity. We must assume that they have chosen the same place as all previous editions of RMCH

Even if we had been on location we would not be able to determine it better than we have done.

If you want to use our service,

I must ask you to register with your start number on (if you have not already done so)

This way, I’m sure not to forget anyone. If you cannot print yourself – ask us for a solution.

Best regards, the roadbook-team,

Arne Pagh
Fuglebakken 6, Strib
DK-5500 Middelfart
0045 5085 8701

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